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Converting a JPG file to a desired file type is a common task for many. However, the process of converting a JPG to PNG, GIF, BMP, WebP for example, can be quite cumbersome.

This tool will help you to, how to convert your JPG files into JPG to PNG, GIF, BMP, WebP format with just one click of your mouse.

If you'd like to covert your JPEG files into PNG, GIF, BMP, WebP without spending too much time or wasting too much disk space, then all you need is an online converter that does this automatically for you in just one click. This article covers the steps necessary to use such an online converter and how it can save time and storage space.

JPG is a very popular image file format today. It was the file type used by the most web browsers and is still supported by most mobile devices.

Every person has seen a JPEG before – it’s probably the most widely-used format on the Internet. The name JPEG comes from Joint Photographic Experts Group, who created it in 1986.

The JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format was developed in 1986 and became one of the earliest mainstream digital image formats on computers and with web browsers.



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